07 Nov

More Dots

Now I’ve actually made a dent in the polka dotted jersey. 🙂

Bug Dress

The leggings came from my MIL, but we had a too-big hand-me-down T-shirt that matches quite well, so I incorporated that into the dress for more mix & matchy-ness. The T-shirt had two sparkly dogs on it which became patches for a sweatshirt so I’m feeling very recycle-y too. Katja wore the pants with skirt to school today and three friends “ordered” matching skirts. I actually have enough fabric, so I’ll have to decide if I want to make more over-the-pants skirts (the parents have no idea that the girls have asked for these) or if I want to make a long sleeved shirt for Katja.

Bug Patch

I added this too — because I could:

Bug Dress with Fliegenpilz

It’s not Fresh Cut , Chocolate Lollipop, or Joel Dewberry, but I think the pieces turned out pretty darned cute anyways, and Katja commented on how “moveable” the clothes are (if you can’t do cartwheels in an outfit, it’s pretty much useless as far as she’s concerned).

10 thoughts on “More Dots

  1. It’s perfect and lovely. And while I’ve played with and/or own some of all of the fabrics you’ve mentioned (except for the Chocolate Lollipop — but I’ve got some in the house as we speak to use as a shop sample. Does it count if you don’t actually OWN the fabric and are making something with it for someone else’s shop?) I don’t think any of them can match the cuteness you are creating. And this is coming from a new fabric line, gotta have it, gotta have it now kind of gal!

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