06 Nov

Polka Dots and Bugs

I bought some really wonderfully soft plum colored stretch velour and coordinating turquoise pinwale corduroy with plummy paislies when I was at Kreativ Welt. I hope to make a cute outfit or two for Katja with them. Only problem (other than waiting a few days for the fabulous Antonia shirt pattern to use with the new fabric)? I still have a pile of deep pink/red jersey with white polka dots that was gifted to me before summer. I have been meaning to make something cute for Katja out of it as well and even have the pattern already (Xenia and pants from Neue Mode 55457).

The kids were both out of the house early today and we didn’t have any appointments this afternoon, so I spent most of the day in front of the sewing machine. I’m feeling really good about the piles now.

New pants for K

The skirt is separate, so she can wear the pants under the Xenia dress without extra bulk, but also have this cute look when she wants. The trim on the bottom of the pants? Farbenmix as well.

Ribbon trim on the pants

And here’s another use for the cute bug ribbon (oh, we have plans for the dress — just wait and see):

Skirt side detail

Hopefully, I can keep up this momentum and finish the dress as well as the items with the new fabric so that I don’t just replace a polka dotted pile with a plum velour pile. 😉

Oh, and this weekend is going to be a retreat with my hand sewing friends (except that I think we are all bringing our sewing machines). I am hoping to get a start (if not real progress) on my Guild Challenge quilt which will also be an actual, utilitarian, bed quilt for the grownups in our house! Woo hoo!

8 thoughts on “Polka Dots and Bugs

  1. Your great blog has become a daily read for me! Love the polka dotted pants and skirt. The ribbon tags are a terriffic idea. Wondering how long you have lived in Germany? I have been living in Norway for 16 years – am from Maine.

  2. polka dots! yay!
    my co-worker wears a red blouse with white polka dots today… i almost wanted to rip it off from her to get hold of it. no need to fear for katja. think her clothes might be a bit small for me – but this is definitely CUUUUUUUTE! XD

  3. Way too cute! Love those outfits — and if I didn’t have so many gifts to make for Christmas this would be inspiring me to make my little one some new duds as well.

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