29 Oct

What in the world is this?

The kids have the week off of school. We took advantage of a “free” day and went to Sea Life in Speyer. It’s a little aquarium, but I liked it. It had enough to keep the kids interested without being overwhelming. The helpful docents told us many fascinating facts about creatures like starfish. Did you know that they have their eyes on the ends of their legs? Or that they can regrow legs in the case one gets cut off or eaten? Or that they turn their stomach outside their bodies to eat, and if that gets say, trapped inside a muscle that they’re trying to eat, they can pop it off (like a lizard’s tail) and grow a new one? We didn’t know. We also watched the rays get fed. There was a quiz to take as you went through the exhibits, and a little TV theater playing an interesting show about octopii. Zavi wants an octopus as a pet now. He had to settle for a stuffed one, which is sharing his pillow tonight.

Onto the image above. I think that this would make a gorgeous 3-D form out of fabric. I can see something made out of quilted, layered, maybe even transparent, silk with metallic satin stitching or gorgeous couched sari yarn for the ridges and Lumiere paint or Angelina fibers adding a rich sheen. It could also have beading incorporated somewhere. It would be worthy of a Quilting Arts cover, and who-ever of you beats me to the fame and fortune gained by submitting it owes me at least a fancy dinner, and maybe a percentage of your royalties from the book deal! (OK, in reality, there’s probably no book deal, and although I love looking at QA, I don’t really work in their style.)

So what are these? They are Mermaid’s Purses. If I remember correctly, the one above is growing baby rays and the ones below are growing baby dogfish. Hmmm, purses. Maybe I have to adopt a bit of QA surface design and make a few of these after all. At least give me a head start, OK?

9 thoughts on “What in the world is this?

  1. How neat! Are they made of kelp? I can’t wait to see what you make from this inspiration. I fell in love with jellyfish when we went to the aquarium outside Newport, Oregon. They had them in glass tubes throughout the room and were really amazing. On your ferry riding, google Anatomy of a windstorml; Washington State Ferry in action. Amazing photos taken last week. I was really glad I wasn’t on the ferry! Cheers.

  2. mermaid purses. sounds very nice. fancy name ^-^
    i’m patiently waiting what you’ll make from the picture(s), but i’m sure it will be eye candy…

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  4. Good morning, It’s been awhile since I have read your blogs, had alot to catch up with. I enjoy the reading and photos. Makes me want to come back to Germany. You have truly become an inspirational quilter. Say hi to Kate for me and tell her congratulations on her success. Jean

  5. Gosh I didn’t realise what mermaid’s purses actually were. Look forward to seeing what you will do with this imagery

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