09 Jan

Figure Friday

I went to life drawing yesterday feeling a bit rusty after not gong for about three weeks. I left feeling great! I think maybe I do better work when I can get into a kind of a story with the pose. Yesterday’s session developed a kind of domestic theme (at least to me).

Things started out innocently enough with poses meant to represent a muse — though I saw a kitchen superhero if I just changed the staff to a mop.

Kitchen Superhero.sm


But then a jilted lover emerged. I’m pretty sure this is the morning after, and she’s contemplating action.


Jilted Lover.before.sm



And I’m assuming this is the aftermath.

Jilted Lover.after.sm


I drew these with watercolor pencil so now that I’ve scanned them, I will probably see what happens when I take a brush and water to the originals. I would also like to make versions in fabric and stitch. I have a vision of a whole series of stitchy, sassy, housewives, and these last two drawings excite me to┬áchange that sassy to fierce.

3 thoughts on “Figure Friday

  1. The drawings are fantastic! I love the concept of sassy/fierce. I look forward to seeing what becomes of your idea with cloth and thread. Great idea!!!

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