15 Dec

Katja’s Big Day

Tuesday was a big day for the future Divine Miss K. Her Kindergarten class had their Christmas party, complete with punch and cookies the kids made themselves. Of course they had a presentation as well. First, all the kids sang a few holiday songs and lit the Advent Wreath’s candles:

Weihnacht Singkreis

Then they performed a short Pageant, or Krippen Spiel. Their story had kids dressed up as Mary and Joseph, with a baby doll for the christ child. A little girl played the star who led all the animals (adorably outfitted kids with furry ears, rooster crown and beak, bull horns, etc.) to the manger. The star couldn’t talk directly to the animals, but she could finally speak to a tiny flower (the youngest little girl in the group, in a fancy dress, of course) and they went together to the christ child and presented a Weihnachtstern (poinsettia) and Christrose (Christmas rose). The rest of the kids were the “orchestra”, providing sound effects. Katja was part of the star’s magical noise.

Then, Katja got to recite one of the stories they learned; and she did it all by herself! I am particularly honored because they could have chosen one of the older kids who will be going into first grade next year (an honor in itself) or even a native speaker of German, but the teachers chose Katja! She is, of course, the loudest and most outspoken of all the kids in her group, so that may have had something to do with it. She recited her lines perfectly. We are all so proud of her!

Katja Reciting

After the school party, we went to some friends’ house to celebrate Saint Lucia’s day. Saint Lucia is the bringer of light and her day is celebrated gleefully in Sweden. All the girls at the celebration get to dress up as Lucia or her helpers. Katja remembered doing this last year and couldn’t wait to put on her dress and crown of candles (Zavi, our son was really hoping we’d light the real candles on her head!). Our friends’ daughter, Ella was also old enough this year to participate:

Katja as Lucia

Ella as Lucia

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