27 Oct

Fall Has Arrived

It’s going around the internet. I’ve been watching my favorite blogs (in the northern hemisphere) one by one announce the arrival of golden leaves and crisp air.

Today I was fortunate enough to go once again to “Craft Day,” which I had missed the last time around. Once a month a small group of my mom friends meet for a day of crafting and NO kids. We used to all live relatively close in the Wiesbaden area, but now, about six years later, we’ve spread out a bit. I was going to try a new route to Sid‘s house today, but my subconscious wanted to go the old way — via ferry — and I missed a turnoff and ended up here:

Ferry crossing

I don’t know why, but I always enjoy taking ferries. Maybe it’s the traveler in me that likes the “planes, trains, and automobiles” aspect of it. Once across the river, I entered wine country. I was amazed by the deep burgundy of many of the plants (not in this picture). The colors were absolutely gorgeous. This picture does not begin to do them justice. It was a grey day, and I can only imagine how the leaves would have glowed if the sun were out. The rolling hills were a patchwork of various grape-viney stripes.
Hessen Vineyards

I came home to find that the kids had gone with the neighbors to the pumpkin farm:

Spider and Dragon Jack o Lanterns

Fall is here. I also saw the first giant piles of harvested sugar beets. Uh oh, that means winter’s not far away.

3 thoughts on “Fall Has Arrived

  1. I’m glad that you got to spend a day crafting with friends. I bet the scenery was amazing. I’ve been enjoying the beauty of the Sonoma Valley while driving home from work the past few weeks. The leaves on the grape vines have started to turn beautiful colors, and after the rain last week and the sunshine this week, the grass is beginning to turn green again. The landscape would make a gorgeous quilt…

  2. driving to work in absolute darkness…. but sometimes I see the sun rise over the neckar valley. pink and kitschy.
    what a wonderful idea to have a crafty weekend! I will have some, too. I enjoy entering in the world of craft forgetting about the rest. I come back tired but full of joy.

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