07 Jan

Knit Night

This week’s Knit Night is a do-over and a serendipitous pairing.


The first time I knit this scarf (Reversible Circles of Lace) it was in the same yarn, but a different color way. Something wasn’t right though — the circles weren’t showing up. I got frustrated and frogged the thing and re-knit the yarn into a lovely cowl that I gave to my sister. About a year later, in the course of another project and with the help of a Knit Night friend, I realized that somewhere along the way I changed the way I was making my stitches and they were getting “twisted.”


With my technique fixed, the clouds opened up and angels sang and I realized what had gone wrong not only on this project but another as well. So, I picked up the same color changing cotton yarn (made by said friend) in a new color way and started fresh. Voilá, circles!


The serendipitous part came when it came time to accessorize the sweater dress I got for Christmas. The colors aren’t exactly the same, but they are analogous and make such a nice ensemble. The boots help too!