26 Oct

Precursors to the Cone Dolls

I promise — no more stuff that is hysterically funny between TS&WGH and I, yet somehow probably isn’t so funny to the rest of the world.

Luckily, my mom has swooped in to save my reputation.

She has unearthed what she calls the precursors to the cone dolls. Behold, the mice:

Mouse Party

She says the photo was labeled 1975, which makes me almost 10 years old at the time. My sister and I were obsessed with these little mice. We made them out of felt and dressed them in scraps that came out of a magical pair of deep drawers in my parents’ closet. We made shoe box houses for the mice, and one of my friends (who idolized Cher) made one with long silky black hair. I suspect the pattern for the mice came from someplace like Sunset Magazine. I know we got a lot of use out of it! Looking at this picture, I’m pretty impressed. The mice of my memories were adorable, and this photo is even better than what was in my mind’s eye. I didn’t remember the shawls and flowers, and the brown, pink and white calico on the mouse on the right side looks very contemporary.

7 thoughts on “Precursors to the Cone Dolls

  1. I just had a fun time catching up with your entries. You are too funny as well as talented. Anytime I click on something and it opens with a picture of Cartman-that’s fun! Isn’t it great being married to a guy with a fabulous sense of humor? If you don’t have one in this political environment you could just sit in the corner and cry. My husband keeps saying “he’s almost gone-it’s almost over-another year…just one more year. Will we ever recover from the mess this administration has made? Ever?????Gotta keep the sense of humor. Thanks Kristen.

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