26 Oct

We’ve Sunk to a New Low

So there we were — TS&WGH and I were doing our usual mid-morning, time-wasting, transcontinental email volley when out of nowhere, he brings up lolcats. You’ve heard of these, right?

So, I retort by asking if there’s some rule that one must use bad grammar with these pictures. “YES, there is,” he writes back.

Even The Wall Street Journal has heard of this phenomenon.
Oh, great, now I’m immersed, not only in lolcats, but now the lolrus as well. And speaking of viral internet fads, you know about the “Dramatic Prairie Dog,” right? So now I’m thinking that the lolrus and the prairie dog may have been seperated at birth (dating myself with another pop culture reference) and I send this to my hubby:

Walrus and Prairie Dog -- separated at birth.

Meanwhile, he’s moved on to another topic. Never one to stray too far from geek technology or military-related current events, he found this contest. Uh oh, doesn’t the “Blackwater Puss in Boots” logo look a bit like a lolcat? Are you seeing where this is going? Yup, I told him I thought it looked like a lolcat and he came up with the politically incorrect bad grammar to go with it. I’m sorry — I couldn’t help myself. I took an existing “kitteh” and made this:

Crazy thing is, he submitted it and it’s outpaced Puss in Boots.

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