24 Oct

Slow like Molasses

Things are moving slowly here. Maybe it’s the grey weather. Maybe it’s because I’m done with the Villa Meixner show and I haven’t entered any quilts into any upcoming competitions. Maybe it’s because I just don’t feel like pushing myself right now. What I do is not brain surgery or rocket science, so certainly no one will get hurt if I slack off for a while. ­čśë

Crabby maybe, but seriously hurt? Not so much.

Dandelion WIP

My laziness actually paid off yesterday. I wanted to finish off my Twelve by Twelve piece with green rickrac, and stalled out because I didn’t have any other reason to go two towns over to the store with rickrac. I finally sucked it up day before yesterday and got two nice trims. But when I got home they just weren’t “right.” Both were too similar in scale to the yelow/orange I had already used. I begrudgingly got my things together to go downtown to another store that might have a different selection when i remembered that I had bought some big green and taupe rickrac in Stuttgart. I had originally blown it off a month or more ago because the taupe dots on it weren’t working with this particular vision, and I didn’t think I had enough. But yesterday, I was willing to take a second look just because I didn’t want to get in the car and go anyplace.

Waddaya know, the color was even better than the stuff I bought the day before, the scale was what I had in mind, and if I turned it over there were no taupe dots — duh!! Yippee for wanting to be a hermit!

P.S. Isn’t that grassy fabric fabulous!?! It came that way from a friend — I didn’t make a million little stitches or anything. I think it’s even silk.

P.P.S. The hexagons live. All will be revealed next week. Or later.

6 thoughts on “Slow like Molasses

  1. This looks very cool and I adore the dandelion button. Every time I put green and yellow together, it looked like a bad Australian sports uniform (sporty Aussies are traditionally dressed in green and gold) but your addition of white and blue pushes it in a refreshingly different direction. Only a few more sleeps to the grand reveal.

  2. That was the first thing I noticed – the grassy fabric – and I thought you had gone and created this fabulous fabric. I am sure the whole piece is quit fabu. I am hand embroidering like mad on mine. I might show a tiny sneak peak tonight. Right now I must shower and dress to have dinner with Lisa and Rena where it is in the 80’S – The San Francisco Riviera!!

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