12 Dec

Happy Birthday to Me!

I wasn’t going to blog about this, but I’m being pressured by my family, and I expect that they are the majority of my audience 🙂

Sundays are usually my day to work in my sewing room as TS&WGH takes the kids to Sunday school, church and then usually to lunch. That gives me a good 3, if not 4, hours alone. When they get home, he usually entertains the kids and may even make dinner, so I really have no responsibility, except to my art, on Sundays. Yesterday he suggested that we go to the Brauhaus for dinner. it’s within walking distance and we frequent it often, so it sounded like a perfectly reasonable plan. On the way there I saw a small group of people asking a passerby for directions. I looked more closely, and one person was my friend Silke! I was suprised to see her as she lives almost an hour away. She had her teenage daughter and two exchange students in tow, so she said they had been in Heidelberg that day and were now checking out more local sights, like the home of Boris Becker (did you know Boris Becker is from Leimen, the town we live in?). We invited them to join us for a drink (they declined dinner) and off we went to the restaurant. The proprietess of the restaurant pointed us towards the back room. We were a bit too big of a group for their regular dining room, but there’s an ante room we usually go to. But we weren’t pointed to the ante room. She said they were waiting, and I got a horrible feeling that she was sending us to the back just because we were Americans, and we were about to crash an army unit’s official “office party.” I pondered they for a moment and it was then that I finally realized what I was walking into! Needless to say, the large dining room was filled with my friends and neighbors. Some we have know only a short period (to include a traveling blogger TS&WGH met and enticed to come) and some we have known for almost a decade. Not bad for someone who moves every two to three years on average. Also not bad, was the fact that we had not only the obvious speakers of English and German, but also Swedish, French and Swiss-German. I am happy to report that most of my guests can speak at least two of the above languages. (I think it just adds to the intriguing-factor of a gathering.)

We had a wonderful dinner, and neighbor Katrin organized a puppet show by the kids. Her son made a house façade and a the rest of the kids poked sock puppets through the windows and sang my favorite German Christmas song (Kling Glöckchen, Klingelingeling; sorry, no link as the only free download I could find was aweful). It was the cutest thing you’ve ever seen!

I got a bunch of quilting related gifts (they are such good friends, and so clued in!), such as shiny variegated thread, a new foot for my machine that makes fringey loops, a subscription to Patchwork Professional (this looks good), and lots of books. I got Fusing Fun by Laura Wasilowski, Fast Fun & Easy Fabric Boxes by C&T, and Quilts der Meisterklasse! You might recognize the English version, but nooooo, my friends decided I needed a real challenge and bought it for me in German (thanks Susanne, Michaela and Katrin!) Anyways, it’s a great book and I know I will spend hours pouring over it.

I wanted to take a picture of the gift with the thread, foot and book because it was wrapped so German. Unfortunately, our camera died, and the cat ate the curly ribbon, so you’ll just have to imagine. Close your eyes and picture a foil covered cardboard square. Now, stand up a colorful book and prop a foil covered box behind it. Artfully arrange five spools of thread and a sewing machine foot in front of the book. Set this arrangement on a large square or clear cellophane printed with silver flowers; gather up the cellophane and tie at the top with no less than two colors of curly ribbon. (You have another tying option here that is often used with baskets of flowers: roll the cellophane across the top, parallel to your work surface. Tie one corner with curly ribbon to make a sort of “ear,” drape the ribbon artfully on the center, and tie the other corner to make another “ear.”)

Thank you every one for the thoughtful gifts, and most especially, thanks for coming to my party! And for those reading from afar, I hope that you are surrounded by wonderful friends as I am.

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