30 Sep

Homefront & Downrange Gets Press

My show, The Army Wife will be growing bigger and better in North Carolina next June. My work will be paired with photos by Hunter Rudd, and hopefully selected pieces by The Combat Paper Project. The Arts Council of Moore County, our venue, will also be hosting a military appreciation day in conjunction with the show opening, and hopefully will be able to coordinate a community workshop project with the Combat Paper Team. At this point, we are all looking for help in funding this event, and to that end, the Moore County newspaper, The Pilot, has been kind enough to write an informative front page article about us! Already it has garnered ACMC at least one generous donation. I am so excited to see this show come together, and to see it reach out to an entire community. I’m especially thankful to Chris of ACMC and my friend Nanette who conceptualized the event and are doing the lion’s share of coordination work to make it happen.


Suck it Up, Connections, and Be Strong Always

Welcome Home, Suck it Up, Connections, and Be Strong Always


Somewhat related, I have been invited to show a few pieces (Suck it Up and three aprons) at the annual Arts and Healing exhibit at Walter Reed Medical Center in Bethesda, MD. I’ve also been asked to speak about my work on October 16th. The event is at 3:00 for anyone who would want to come. Last year(ish), two aprons were on display across the street at the National Institutes of Health. Through that opportunity, I met the director of the Healing Arts show (and much much more) at Walter Reed. You really never know where connections will come from and what they will lead to. I’m still working on what I want to say. I have no problem talking about the evolution of my work, but I’m less confident when it comes to how my work relates to healing. The Army Wife series came out of frustration and anonymity, and though it wasn’t exactly cathartic, I think it came from a similar place as work that is typically considered cathartic. Good thing I have a few weeks still to figure it out.

3 thoughts on “Homefront & Downrange Gets Press

  1. Congratulations on the coverage and building relationship through art! I wish I could be present to hear you speak. I just know it will be thought provoking and dynamic!

  2. This is all so great. Your work is artistically and technically excellent, but I also think this recognition really speaks to authenticity and honesty. When your work comes from such a personal place of deep meaning it resonates and speaks to people.

  3. So happy to be a part of this. I wish you could share in the enthusiasm I’m finding when I tell people about the exhibit. You’ll see it in June. The community needs this exhibit. Chris and I feel it is finally going to open the dialog (start conversations) between the significant, yet somewhat silent, military demographics of this county. I’m also very excited that you will be sharing the female spouses side of the story, which is so frequently overlooked. Thank you! This is gonna be fun!

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