21 Sep

Rooted #4

I don’t think I ever showed the front of this quilt. I actually finished it in August, but was pondering the value in showing absolutely everything. It dawned on me today that this will never get sent to any competitions, so it’s being “previously published” won’t effect it’s place in the world. In fact, it may just languish in a closet the rest of it’s life. Not that I don’t like it, I just don’t have a place to hang it right now. I’m really not sure where the color palette came from (other than my fabric stash). I just picked up a few fabrics and it evolved from there. There’s more purple, brown and aqua floating around here even now.

Rooted, number 4

Rooted, #4 August, 2007
17″ x 21 1/2″ -ish

12 thoughts on “Rooted #4

  1. Kristin, have you taken to commenting on your own blog? just kidding…I like the quilting lines, especially where the pebbles meet the straight lines…and the overall I love it!

  2. the front is even more beautiful than the backside you’ve shown earlier – and i already loved the back.
    i’m not much of a purple girl, but this combination with brown and the wonderful colorways of the hand-dyed could make me weak. somehow i immediately thought of charlotte when i saw the colorway.

    you’ll need to re-decorate a room to hang it!

  3. Waw!!! This quilt invite everyone to medittation. Alternation of lights and shadows, the roots that marks the way to the light… all the elements gives such a great perspective and values the quilt ideas. The colors are magic and all the quilt is so much yours. Rocks!!

  4. Ok, have to chime in on the root quilt love here. It’s lovely — and I love the colors as well. I have the feeling this one isn’t going to be hanging out in a closet much — it’s too good for that. It deserves to be hung somewhere.

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