20 Sep


Wanna see what I bought at the Quilt show in France?

Quilt Show Goodies +

Some beads and crystals for my embroideries. Some perle cotton for my embroideries. And, some shiny silk because I was in France. All these I got from a charming Hungarian vendor. The embroidery cotton is not Valdani, but it is hand dyed. Is Hungary the new hot spot for hand dyed embroidery supplies and Czech crystal?? I got a few findings for purses, although I may be over that for a while. In the middle is this really cool wire ribbon that you can stretch out into organic ruffles and then pull straight again if you want. I got six meters in three gorgeous colors. I got three spools of Aurifil thread because I’ve heard it’s very nice and I know I can always find some at the show. I’ll report back later. My benchmark thread for piecing right now is Masterpieces by Superior. We’ll see if Aurifil is superior to Superior. And finally, a piece of hand dyed silk I couldn’t pass up even though it was obviously painted by an artist other than me. Maybe it will find it’s way into a scarf or something other than my artwork.

Speaking of the show in France, I think I forgot to mention the tent-makers’ applique that Jenny Bowker brought from Egypt. Absolutely fabulous!! She even brought her friend Mohammed, who demonstrated his craft. The man is amazing. He can applique his imagined design on a finished pillowcase incredibly swiftly — and without sewing the front of the case to the back! Of course, that’s not the most important thing; the designs are beautifully realized and the makers’ skill is readily apparent. The color combinations range from subtle to sublime. My favorites being the darker ones with a bit of cobalt blue that just glows. Perhaps you can get a glimpse of these masterpieces on her blog if the link is still up.

OK, back to my stuff. I got my box from Luzia Pimpinella‘s DaWanda shop. Nic’s been making the cutest clothes for her daughter and then bags and bag accessories and patches for the rest of us. I have no actual NEED for these things, but I’ve been admiring them from afar for so long I finally broke down and bought a bunch. She’s got the greatest combination of kitsch, humor, and aesthetics. (BTW, the Mistyfuse isn’t from Luzia Pimpinella, it was a surprise gift for being accepted into Art Quilts Lowell. Nice, no?)

I’m not exactly sure what I’m going to do with the Heidi-inspired goat and heart with Swiss flag purse bling, but I have an idea. Our mailbox keys are looking good with Herr Hedgehog and his Fliegenpilz (oh, I’ve been eying him for about six months now). My boy is of the age where he might need his own keys every now and then, so we’re totally cool with the punk skull neck-strap key holder. I love the Dios de los Muertos turquoise key fob thingie, so I got that too. I’m not sure what it’s final destiny will be. The Geweihpilz (that’s somewhat related to “Arschgeweih,” TS&WGH) patch was a great suprise. Maybe they will end up on the Fliegenpilz quilt I plan to make for the guest room/sewing room someday. I am already using yet another purse accessory-key-bling-thingie with Bambi, an Oktoberfest styled heart, and hidden in the back — a big fat Fliegenpilz! Note the teensy mushroom pendant below Bambi, and the spotted bead above. Toooooo cute!
Fliegenpilz key bling

Yup, I got some good stuff.

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  1. I put fobs on my small scissors that I use for handwork. For one thing it distinguishes them from everyone else’s when sewing with a group, but it also serves two other functions. First, the fob helps me find my scissors when they’ve slipped down alongside me as mine tend to do, and second, it acts as a counter balance so I can hang those little scissors over the arm of the chair where I’m working. You get used to the thing flopping around as you cut!

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