19 Sep

And The Winners Are…

Thanks to everyone who came out of the woodwork to comment on my Blogiversary post. It’s hard not to feel loved when you get so many comments. 🙂 It’s that connection that makes blogging different than just having a static website.
Picking winners

So, the kids randomly picked first-time commenter Ursula, and first commenter Debbie. I’m not saying who gets which pincushion, but as soon as I find two appropriately sized boxes, these will go in the mail.

Prize Pincushions

Just for fun, I snapped a picture of my current favorite Public Service billboard on the way back from France. It says, “Racers are this sexy.”

Note the measurement she’s indicating with her fingers.

5 thoughts on “And The Winners Are…

  1. Congratulations Ursula!

    I am so happy to be getting one of your pincushions and can not wait to open my package and see which one. I love them both. Thank-you so much!

  2. I did not expect to win. I love those. I just came back from visiting my sister in Germany. Was looking all over for the Fliegenpilze, but could not find any.
    Years ego they had all kind.

    Thank you.

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