10 Dec


Weihnachtmarkt, Bad Wimpfen

We had a cold but sunny day today and so off we went to the Christmas market in Bad Wimpfen. (For all of you laughing about Bad, it means bath, and usually indicates a place with nice views, spa hotels and clean air. Not so bad after all!) We have heard about this one for years, and it certainly lived up to expectations. Rather than being all clumped in one platz, this market meandered about the old town. It was a lovely adventure seeing what was around each corner. There was a great variety in the food and the shopping. TS&WGH took lots of pictures of curious buildings, like this one dressed up a la Hansel & Gretel:

Gingerbread fachwerk

We ate at the stall in front; the kids had wurst and the grownups had potato wedges with tzaziki sauce. Speaking of kids, there was entertainment for them as well:

X on carousel
K on carousel

By the way, Katja is a jaguar today.

And, of course, there was shopping for me. I’m the one with the green purse:

Kristin shopping

Here’s what I bought. When you take the “wand” out of the frog’s mouth and run it over the ridges on it’s back, it makes a great croaking sound. A good stocking stuffer, I thought:

Frog instrument

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