03 Jul

Stencil Blog Hop

Lynn Krawczyk is at it again. In addition to her day job, she keeps Smudged Textiles Studio humming along, has written a book, created a line of stencils, and has at least one other project up her sleeve. I’m not sure how she does it all, but I’m glad she does!

Today is about the stencils. Introducing “Marked” by Lynn Krawczyk, Artistcellar’s newest signature series artist. The pocket sized stencils come as a set and include Tracks, Commas, X’s, and O’s. They are pretty easy to identify. The small scale makes them easy to use and appropriate for many sized projects. I decided to use these simple shapes in concert with my figure drawings as it’s often nice to have some color and pattern on the page before drawing.

I used Xs on the bottom of this page (previously washed with color).


It made a nice nest for a seated figure.


I liked the look of the Xs on the previous page, so I added them to this drawing after the fact. There’s no rules about when to add patterning. Sometimes a drawing needs a little something extra and stencils are a great way to add a little pattern or texture.


I layered the Xs in several colors on this page. I’m using gouache because it’s matte surface takes the charcoal pencil I like to use and other drawing media well. I apply the paint with a Spouncer (thanks to my friend Deborah for introducing me to these deceptively humble little tools).


I drew on top of the stenciling and then added a wash of contrasting color to highlight some of the shapes, plus a few more Xs for good measure.


Using just a portion of the Tracks stencil (one track with a white pen and another with a watercolor pencil) makes a nice border for this drawing. I masked out the drawing when I painted the gold Xs to give the drawing more depth.


More Tracks as borders.


Tracks again — this time using the stencil with a pen rather than paint. These are sturdy stencils, perfect for spraying, daubing, swirling, drawing, and probably pretty much any way you can think of utilizing them.



I used watercolor pencils with the Os stencil for this nude. A brush loaded with plain water turns the outlined Os into watercolor washes. Some Os I just filled in with pencil and left it at that, some I used with water.


I think this one is my favorite. Stenciled Commas, drawing on top, a wash of aqua, and Os outlined with a white pen.

If I have one complaint, it is that the stencils aren’t repeats. I can’t paint and are and then move the stencil adjacent and have the pattern continue seamlessly. It’s a small thing, but I think it would be nice for future designs.

Like with Lynn’s book, I have the opportunity to give away one set of Marked stencils to a lucky winner who leaves a comment on this blog by 7 July. What would you make with Lynn’s stencils? Be sure to check out the other stops on the blog hop too:

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34 thoughts on “Stencil Blog Hop

  1. Adding these stencil designs to a collage would be great! Thanks for sharing your creations, they are wonderful!

  2. gelli plate! gelli plate! gelli plate! (sorry too much enthousiasm) gelli plate! gelli plate! gelli plate!

  3. Wow Kristin, I love your sketches! Beautiful. The way you used the stencils with them is so complementary which I really like. I would use them in my art journals. These are great designs and this hop has been fun and inspiring!

  4. Your drawings really do look wonderful with the stencils. I can’t draw like that, but it does give me ideas about combining images and marks.

  5. Oh WOW!!!!!! Wow! Wow, Kristen, these pages are glorious! The drawings combined with the stencils are fabulous. You have always impressed me with your nudes and they just keep getting better and better. You’ve inspired me to dig out my dusty journal and get back to practicing. (My favorite use for stencils is for embroidery designs and these would be so much fun.) Thanks for the chance to add my name to the “hut”. Really, I thank you more for inspiring me to get off my butt and start drawing again. xo

  6. It is so interesting to see how each blog hopper is doing something totally different with the same set of stencils! Thanks for the chance to win a set!

  7. WOW! First, your figure drawings are ALWAYS AMAZING! Second, I LOVE how you added the stencil bits to the drawings – I think many of them make a very powerful statement. I am in a Gelli plate addiction phase right now – so I am certain the stencils would be given a thorough workout – and I am in love with the Tracks stencil. I think that would become a foundation image for me.

  8. A very inspiring use of the stencils. I am always looking for ways to combine my original art with stencils designs, rubber stamps, etc. created by others. Love it!

  9. My first thought would be to use these stencils to print fabrics for using in clothing or soft sculptures. Your drawings inspire me to try them on paper, too!

  10. Amazing works here, love your drawings, they really pop in combination to these masks, fantastic use of them!!! Thanks for sharing your art! Wishes from France, Coco

  11. I never would have thought to use stencils in combination with fine art. Clever! And what a good marriage!

  12. Kristin,
    Your art is outstanding- I love your figural s and hope to one day draw/sketch them as you do- thank you so much for sharing your lovely art on this hop!
    warm regards

  13. Your drawings are so interesting and the stencils add such texture and context. Well done. I think I’d like to use them to obscure patterning in fabric I’m not crazy about, or to add to dyed fabric for interest.

  14. WOW, your art is incredible. The stencils are just a nice addition. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  15. I’ve suggested to my husband that we use these stencils on grill fabric for the funky new speaker set he’s building. He’s a woodworker and audiofile, and I’m a papercrafter and metalworker–but we share ideas sometimes!

    I like all your drawings, but the aqua one with woman inside the frame is my favorite, too. I love her!

  16. I would love to use these to play around w/ art journal-ism. Fabric would be great too – that’s a medium I’m more familiar with. Ty and good luck everyone!
    cokelush at gmail

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