31 Aug

Look What We Made!

The kids, especially the boy, are currently obsessed with Pokemon. Although that’s not the kind of shows and merchandising I condone at home, they do get game and TV peeks at friends’ houses. They translate this at home into endless teeny drawings of Pokemons, both existing and of their own design. Zavi got it into his head last week that we should make a Pokemon-inspired dragon. Sure, I can do that!?! I searched the web for dragon and dino patterns hoping for something that I could adapt to his design. We didn’t find anything that struck our fancy (except for a VERY intricate dragon pattern the boy hopes I will purchase and make for next year — he’s so thoughtful, giving me a year to make it!). So we dove into constructing our own. Zavi says that it’s not exactly what he had envisioned, but it will do (note the tiny drawing I had to work with).

Bruty and Hedgie

Not to be left out, the girl wanted a softie too. In our dragon search we found a very cute (and bonus, free!) hedgehog pattern at SilverSeams, so I made that too. Mom’s a mess, but the kids are happy.

X and Bruty

10 thoughts on “Look What We Made!

  1. wow!
    ….. and another WOW!

    that dragon is definitely cool – i can’t even imagine there would be a pattern for a more intricate one… this one seems to be perfect.

    artist! as said before.
    …of course the hedgehog is cute, too! 😉

  2. great softies! and the cuffs are a nice detail. happy kids to have an artist-mother. could you come up with a pattern for a kampfzwerg? *gg*

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