23 Aug

Christmas in August

Did I say I could have these done by Easter? Ha! Between the gathering of fabrics (during my “buy no new fabrics” period), the procrastination (for some reason, the wise men’s finery frightened me), the kids (mommy this, mommy that), the procrastination (now it’s the angels’ wings I can’t get past), the lice (everything into plastic bags for 2–3 weeks; whether it was near lice or not), the kids…… I thought I’d never finish these guys. But here they are finished, loitering in my living room in their little cliques.

I’m still giggling to myself about the name I gave to the little babes one night. They look less like potatoes to me and more like larvae (especially before they were snuggled into their brown baskets). And since there are three, what’s the plural of Jesus? So yes, they are “larval Jesii” to me. I’ll probably get struck down by lightning for that one, but it still makes me giggle.

14 thoughts on “Christmas in August

  1. looks like a reception. may be you should decorate some champain in little doll glasses with it. a german stehparty.
    larval jesii – rotfl. cool.

  2. If you get hit by lightning for saying it — what do I get for laughing so hard my husband is wondering what is making me sound like a hyena for? They’re adorable — and how cool is it to get photos of your quilts hanging around the world. Now to just have a budget so you could travel with them…*sigh* maybe in another life!

  3. These are so wonderful. That’s all I can say.

    I was reminded of a visit we made to my son-in-law’s uncle in Ecuador. The uncle is a Catholic priest. We were strolling through his beautiful garden when we came upon a bunch of little pink plaster baby Jesuses (or Jesi) lined up on the ground along a pathway. Cayo just snorted and said, “they are all over this house.” It was a little surreal.

  4. Absolutely beautiful. I fell in love with this when you showed it last year. It’s glorious in its completion. I love that it can be touched and played with by your kids.

    I was raised Catholic so no religious jokes are off limits 😉 When Greg and I first got married we had a ceramic nativity. Our cat took a liking to Baby Jesus. We’d arrive home every evening to Baby Jesus being relocated from the set. Closer to Christmas we were awoken to the noise of something being batted from one end of along hallway to another. Baby Jesus had lost his head. I can’t look at a nativity set without thinking of that scene. The girls giggle uncontrollably every time it’s told.

  5. ah – you have them done!!! Awesome! Love the little larvae.. he he he..
    love them, love them, love them 😀
    I think Isa would steal the sheep and baby Jesus immediately!

  6. The ‘larval jesii’ totally cracked me up this morning! I think I’ll be chuckling about that all day.

    Your nativity sets are really charming.

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