23 Aug

Quilts on Tour

And just like that, it’s over:

“Fliegenpilz II” and “Quiltstadt” are back from England.

To ease the letdown, at least “Village Series #2” is having a nice time in Massachusetts at Art Quilts Lowell. Kate‘s mom was kind enough to go see the show AND send me pictures!

Thanks Barbara!

She sent pictures of some of the other quilts, and of an adorable quilted grandma in a shop window nearby. Jurors Rayna Gillman and Nancy Halpern did a lovely job choosing a wide variety of art quilt styles. I am proud to have my artwork hanging here (OK, to be completely truthful, it will soon be Gerrie‘s artwork). My lucky quilts — getting to see so much of the world and meet so many wonderful people!
Has anyone seen “Traumwald” at the World Quilt Show? I may have to wait until PIQF for a report from the California contingent of my family. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Quilts on Tour

  1. When so much time, energy and emotion goes into making a quilt, it’s nice for the quilt to be widely exhibited even if the quilt suffers the indignity of being stuffed into a box in transit.

  2. Oh, poor you. You never get to go anywhere. Stuck living in the same room, er, house, er, town, er, state, er, country, er, continent, er, on the same planet where you were born.

    Oh, whoa is you…. 🙂

  3. Wasn´t it nice to have your babies come home from their first trip without you?? And made so many new friends all over the place 😀 Did they need a visa for the UK or do they fall under the Schengen Agreements since they were made in Europe? lol
    Glad they´re back with you! I have to agree with Art though – you poor thing, never get to travel anywhere (oh no, can´t do that weekend, I´ll be in Lake Tahoe, oops, can´t make it to craft day, I´ll be in France, oh no, I think I´ll be in Halle that weekend, can we do it another day???). he he he he couldn´t resist!

  4. I love how Art spelled woe!! I can’t wait until V #2 shows up at my house. I just had a flurry of quilts returning, too. I hope to be sending some out again soon.

  5. I saw your quilt at World Quilts and it looked just perfect. Nice spot. Good lighting. Some quilts got stuck in a corner and others with a huge spotlight shining into viewer’s eyes. Not so great.

    I took a picture of your winning entry last year but did not do so this year. sorry. I only took 5 pictures and that was as a reminder rather than as a “wow!”. Not so exciting this year.

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