21 Aug

Quilts in Birmingham, England

Françoise has reported back from Festival of Quilts in Birmingham, England. She was kind enough to search out my two quilts and send me pictures.

Fliegenpilz II

Fliegenpilz II, in the Contemporary Small category. I like that they put not only similarly colored quilts together, but that they are both foliage themed as well.


Quiltstadt in the Contemporary Large category. It’s partner didn’t match quite as well, but it did have several of my favorite fabrics in it ;-).

I’m very pleased with the way these are hung. I like the taut black drapes as opposed to wavier ones I’ve seen, although I’d paint those horizontal hanging bars black. The large quilts on gallery-like white walls look great to me. So much better than the Patchwork Days show in Berlin that had such distracting backgrounds. Word has it that the contemporary, art quilts were of a higher caliber than the traditional quilts, presumably because there are more beginners in the latter category. Mine garnered no awards, but just seeing them looking so good (and seeing that they DID actually make it to England) is worth the horrendous amount of money I spent and copious paperwork I filled out in order to take part in the Festival.

12 thoughts on “Quilts in Birmingham, England

  1. It does look a professional job of hanging the show. Quiltstadt is one of my favorites of your quilts, however I haven’t seen one I don’t like yet.

  2. Hello, I found your blog after seeing your quilt at the festival last weekend. Although you didn’t win an award your Quiltstadt piece was my personal favourite! I love the fabrics you’ve used and the way you’ve put them together, it’s an exceptionally beautiful piece of work.

  3. I love quiltstadt, too – saw it at the bourgeois pig live. (together with the artist;)

    you must be proud to see it there in the uk.

  4. I didn’t realise that there was such a big quilt show in Brum … shame that I never went when I lived so close by. On the other hand, what better excuse to go next year, I have a very good Brummy friend that I just realised I must visit 😉

    Love the way they hung your quilts!

  5. I saw your quilts! Winning a prize would of course be great but take it from me those quilts were inspiring and I’d guess that knowing you could influence me and no doubt others might be at least a bit as good as a paper rosette. Thanks for taking part from such a distance and being one of the reasons I had a whole four fantastic days at the Festival gorging on quilty stuff!

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