18 Aug

Hey Y’all!

Feel free to skip this if you’re not my husband or a crazy German.
I went to see The Boss Hoss at the Schwetzingen Schloss Park, and they freakin’ ROCKED!!!!!! TS&WGH, you missed a great show. I’m not a big fan of country music, but have you ever heard Plastic Bertrand’s eighties punk-pop “Ca Plane Pour Moi” with Nashville twang and harmonica? How about a rockabilly inspired version of Cameo’s normally funkadelic “Word Up?” How can Outkast’s “Hey Ya” get any better? Give it a cigarette and a shot of whiskey and it does. (Go check out YouTube. The blog will wait.)
The Boss Hoss plays Schwetzingen

I knew the band was really from Berlin, Germany and have been enjoying their music since their second album, “Internashville Urban Hymns” came out, but I had no idea how far they take their good ol’ boy schtick. They do the entire show in English — introducing each song and engaging in playful banter — all the while with Southern States accents. OK, I caught them up a few times, like when they call women “birds” (decidedly British) instead of “chicks,” and Hoss once referred to a “gitah” rather than a “geetarr.” Nevertheless, the audience agrees to play along with this wonderful bit of theater and willingly becomes part of the play. The boys had a great time calling everyone “Sweatsingers” and naturally the audience cracked up every time at the stereotypical Americanization of the town’s name. The whole thing reminded me a bit of “This is Spinal Tap” in that you knew it wasn’t real, but you gladly suspend your disbelief because it’s just such a good gag. Everyone is in on the joke and loving it. The band plays the part with wife-beater tank tops, cigarettes and lots of beer bottles, but they play the music with power (that’s powAH to you honey) and skill. It’s not all cover songs either, their originals rock as well. You can’t help but get up and move — the energy is so great. (I’ll admit that I had to draw the line at pogo dancing — it’s just not safe for a 41 year-old woman who has had two kids to bounce like that.)

Schloss Park Schwetzingen

Oh, and seeing an open air concert on palace grounds — highly recommended. I love the people watching too. The entire rock and roll spectrum was covered, from the rockabillies with dice on their wallet chains and Mr. Horsepower shirts; to European cowboys with distressed tight jeans, fake Stetsons and United Colors of Benetton T-shirts; to the leather-clad bikers. I haven’t been to a concert in the States in over a decade, so I’m not sure how things are done there, but when it’s open air, do you get tables to set your beers on?

Open Air

Oh, and the first people to dance on the tables were men. I wonder if The Boss Hoss unintentionally has a gay following, like Xena, Warrior Princess? The encore ended with a rousing Bo Diddley-ized version of Donna Summer’s disco classic “Hot Stuff.” Maybe they’re just European.

Egal, es ist einfach gute laune Musik!

6 thoughts on “Hey Y’all!

  1. I admit, I don’t even know them…. but now I have to go and check that youtube thing and go search for some listening.
    I really think some people would give a lot to see you pogo dance *lol*.

    The tables are not only for your beer. They also will give some people the “hold” they need when the evening gets looooooooooooooooonger than usual ๐Ÿ˜‰
    At least I think so.
    Maybe they sit under the table as well?

  2. I LOVE BOSS HOSS!!!! I downlaoaded that album last year and thought it wsa great! A big fan of the Beastie Boys cover ๐Ÿ™‚ Would love to see them live especially after seeing that.

  3. wow – sounds like you had an awesome time! The Schlosspark looks great, wonder why Iยดve never been there.. lol.. took me almost 30 years to make it to the Heidelberger Schloss so hmm… ๐Ÿ˜€
    Glad you had such a great time – I have to agree with Katrin though, those tables sure serve a secondary purpose… stability is the key .. ha ha

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