15 Aug

Angelbachtal Ritterfest 2007

We enjoyed the Ritterfest in Angelbachtal so much last year that we had to go again this year. The kids were ecstatic when last weekend opened up — both socially at meteorologicaly.

Katja was very excited that she was tall enough this year to spear a wreath off the tree (she may have been on a bigger pony too). Zavi actually got his wreath too, but it fell off when he pointed his spear down. Zavi’s pony girl may have coordinated her hair to her dress, but I swear a Gartenzwerg was leading Katja’s pony.
Ritter and Ritterin in training

Then we went to see the pros with their spears, swords and horses. The kids got a better view of the tournament this year. Zavi took lots of pictures:

The players

Check out how huge “Richard the Lionheart’s” horse is! He played the hero, by the way. The “French” guy (didn’t catch his name) in yellow and blue played the bad guy. “Saladin” presided over the tournament. Between my poor German skills and our location as far away as possible from the loudspeakers, I couldn’t really follow the story line, so I can’t begin to speak for it’s historic accuracy.

Richard the Lionheart and steed

There were two other middle eastern players who’s names I remembered on Saturday, but not four days later. I think this guy was possibly Kurdish based on my recollection of his name. I did notice that they were also “good guys.”

My favorite was the guy below, “Ben Youssef” I think. I thought his first name was Aziz, but couldn’t Google anything that fit into the Richard I/Saladin story line, so I’m not sure. His horse is all Arabian though, and makes me think that they created the story line based on the horses that would participate.

We watched another bit of theater as well. The troupe Firlefanz (frivolity) entertained the kids with the story of Orlando the reluctant knight.

But the big hit this year was archery. Zavi loved it, of course.

And even Katja got in on the act:

I gave in and bought Zavi a sword (any kid who still wants the same thing after a year can have it as far as I’m concerned), and a princess headband with train for Katja (because if I didn’t make her one in the last 12 months, what makes anyone think I’ll make one in the next 12 months!). We made bows and arrows from big sticks on Sunday.

3 thoughts on “Angelbachtal Ritterfest 2007

  1. What fun! Zavi’s sword purchase reminds me of our policy on allowances. The weekly amount was never enough to buy anything substantial, so you always had a week or to to think it over while you saved your allowance.

  2. sounds like an awesome weekend! there´s a wooden sword in our house that recently got to go to sleep for a while since the neighborhood kids love jousting and fencing way too much for Juju to stay away 😀
    So ToysRUs got a thankful customer this week as we found foam swords there… don´t think I can talk him out of the wooden one again when he´s Zavi´s age.. lol.. and I don´t think I will try, either!
    Now what did I just read about your “poor” german skills? Ok, thanks for the laugh.. ha ha.. nice try, I´ve seen (heard) your german skills..grin..

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