20 Mar

Just Checking In

I feel like it’s been too long between blog posts. I’ve been keeping busy so I actually do have some blog fodder, but it’s kind of a whirlwind so I don’t actually feel like blogging. My mom is here and we to Fredericksburg a few days ago to pick up display stuff from a friend and do a little sightseeing. Then yesterday we went to the Ft Eustis area (Yorktown/Newport News) in preparation for displaying my work at a military luncheon today. After the luncheon, we drove back home and then tomorrow we’re off to the Philly area for the Art Quilt Elements reception on Friday and Meet the Artists event on Saturday. We may stop at a yarn fest in Maryland on the way back Sunday. So, lots to talk about, but no energy to upload what few photos I have, and too many words without photos is boring. So, I’ll catch my breath next week, process it all, hopefully have fun photos from Philly, and report back here with a real blog post soon. OK? OK.