16 Feb

I could post more figure drawings…

Darn, I’m blogging in my head again, and not here.

I’m also working on a lot of things that I just can’t share yet.

I can share that I am participating in another show at McGuffey Art Center (by the way, the life drawing show, Theme and Variation, up now, looks great!). In April, one of the studio artists is coordinating an art and ecology show focusing on plastic and it’s effect on aquatic life. It’s what the plarn wing/cape is for. I’ve decided to also make a plarn fish trap. It’s coming along nicely, but I need more tan bags, so I have to go hit up my neighbors before I can continue any further. I’ll also be making a small image of an animal affected by plastic for a collaborative quilt type construction. I’m psyched. I chose the black noddy, which is known in Hawaii as an Aku bird. There’s a funny slang usage of Aku Bird that has no relationship to the art project, but will keep me smiling as I work on the image.


A few posts ago, I was contemplating entering some shows. Here’s where that all stands now, plus some other opportunities:

• Art Quilt Elements: Zeitgeist has already been accepted and my mom and I are planning on going to the opening reception in mid-March! Yay!
• Joint Forces Luncheon at Ft Eustis, VA: I’ll be showing a good portion of my Army Wife series here mid-March for one day. I’m there by invitation and I think the audience will be very appreciative of the work.
• Fantastic Fibers: I entered three non-quilty works and all were rejected.
• Quilt Visions: I decided that I couldn’t justify the expense right now (too many other things to invest in, like greeting cards to sell at the luncheon), and didn’t enter.
• Form Not Function: I entered three pieces from the Army Wife series and am waiting on their decision.
• PAQA-South’s Art Quilt Whimsy!: I wanted to enter my most whimsical piece, Hale’aina, but it’s too old.
• Quilt National 2015: I don’t even know when the call for entries will be, but I have one quilt finished and three in the works. Because of QN’s rules though, I best not even show in-progress peeks, which is why I’ve been posting less and less here. I’m working hard, but have nothing to show.
• SAQA regional show Tarnish: I entered one piece, Dominant, and am waiting on their decision
• SAQA regional show: This show has no limit on age of the work, so I entered five(!) pieces that have been languishing. Also, pretty much all of these exhibit opportunities need the artwork in March through May, or some portion thereof, so everything else is in limbo or has been spoken for.
• Exploring Today, Remembering Yesterday: this is a VA show and I’d like to enter something, but it needs the work starting in May and so I need to wrap my head around what might be available. Work rejected from Form Not Function could work here.
• Our local classy lingerie shop, Derriere de Soie, always likes to show figure drawings and the like. My drawings will be on display in March!
• I may be contributing to a book, so I can’t show that work, but I finished it yesterday, so that’s exciting.
• I did contribute to the book Intentional Printing, by Lynn Krawczyk, and while i couldn’t show anything for the past year, now that the book is almost out, we’ll be doing a blog hop and a giveaway soon and I’ll have the book in my hot little hands and I will be able to share plenty of photos then. Soon!

I frittered away November and December knitting, and continued a bit into January. Those were gifts though and I couldn’t share them (story of my life right now!). One is still en route to it’s recipient, but my mom got her’s. It’s a light as a feather, soft, lacy cowl that I knit as a mystery. About a third of the way in, I was pretty sure it would make a lovely birthday gift for my mom:


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