27 Jul

Getting back to normal

Woo Hoo — three days without seeing anything actually crawling and I’ve dug myself out from under the weekend’s (and Monday’s and Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s) pile of laundry and endless hair combing. I think I finally see an end in sight. With most of my fiber projects in plastic bags, and no energy at the end of the day, I was looking for a little something to do without thinking very hard. I pulled out the Mason DixonBall Band Warshrag” that was on my “maybe someday” to do list. It was a surprisingly easy knit and I finished it in two evenings and a sit-on-the-front-step-while-the-kids-play-outside session.

Ball Band

I plan to do another one when the other ball of cotton comes out of quarantine and Katja finishes her garter stitch dishrag.

I had some peace and quiet today and so I worked on some fabric postcards. (I figured that the ironing I subject these to would kill any creepy crawlies on the off chance there were any.)

Postcards WIP

Lots of needle doodling. I did gold metallic bubbles and and roots, and wierd flowers from nearby.

Dried up

I think this is my favorite

7 thoughts on “Getting back to normal

  1. brilliant! love your “passionsblume” and the red accents on the b&w cards (do i see poppy seed on the last one?) are to die for!
    good that you’re back with some eye-candy πŸ˜‰

  2. very beautiful – I probably could have brought you 50 of those passionflower blossoms – I have one on my porch that we nursed from cripple to everywhere-monster in 3 years.. yeah yeah – go ahead, if I would hold craft day you would know.. grin.. πŸ˜€
    guilty as charged
    canΒ΄t believe how accurately you started painting with thread :-;

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