19 Jan

Life Drawing

I haven’t posted anything from Life Drawing group in a while. I still attend almost weekly, and I still really enjoy it. Here’s my longer drawing from two weeks ago:

1/10/14 Figure drawing

Half the session is quick warm up drawings, and half the session is one or two longer poses so we can work things out a bit better.

Next month, McGuffey will be having an exhibit of drawings from anyone who participates regularly in any of the three drawing sessions available! It doesn’t matter if the artists are members or not. I’m excited about the show because I think that MAC is awesome for having not just one, but THREE drawing sessions, so that anyone can work it into their schedule, and that the sessions are open to everyone at all ranges of ability.

So, I tore all my most “finished” drawings from my sketchpads to see what I had to contribute. Here’s about a year of longer poses on my kitchen floor:

Some of the better ones

It’s going to be a good show!