24 Jul

Two Quick Links

Time is short today, but I have two links to share.

First, my SAQA “One Foot Square” donation quilt goes to auction today — along with all the other gems on pages three and four. Feel free to tell any friends looking for interesting artwork to go check out the auction.

Second, the Texies Sliced Quilt “starter packs” are starting to arrive at their destinations. Christiane has already blogged her part, so I won’t bore everyone with basicly the same info. I may have said before that my piece is mostly red though. I don’t get any of the cool script to work with that Christiane got.

7 thoughts on “Two Quick Links

  1. If that piece of yours ever makes it to $50, I’m on it. My other piece would like a companion, but i can’t afford it now. And I think there is a slim chance to none of my getting it!!!!

  2. I was thinking the same thing as Gerrie, although a little higher $ amount. And we were right! Congratulations on selling your piece!!!! Cheers.

  3. Congratulations! There were many beautiful pieces in that set and yours was one that drew the big bucks.

  4. Wow – awesome, guess it´s one of the first ones to sell! There are some other really spectacular pieces – good thing I know how to keep my plastic inside my wallet.. lol

  5. Penny McMorris was one of my first quilting heroes. I just saw that your piece topped hers by $500. Kristin, I am so very proud of you. Your work is truly beautiful. I’m glad your roots are in our family. Love you, M

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