11 Jan

Entering Shows

Being the beginning of the year, and being that I’d like to enter some work into shows, I’ve made a list and it’s stressing me out until I wrap my head around it all.

Looking at several shows in which to enter art I’ve already made; based on size, date, and availability restrictions, here are my choices:

Fantastic Fibers — $12 per entry, no prizes, no catalog, but the work doesn’t have to be “quilty,” so I could enter The Other Woman, Be Strong, and Unravelling, which don’t fit the definition of a quilt and so far have only been seen in my Army Wife solo show.

Quilt Visions — Prizes, catalog, prestige, but the museum membership that allows one to enter adds up to $70. I could enter Zeitgeist and Suck it Up, which I love but together are not a “cohesive” entry.

Form Not Function — prizes, catalog, $30 entry for 3 pieces, widest date range and no size restrictions! Suck it Up, Absence II, Home Fires, Torn From the Roots, and Medallion for an Army Family are all contenders.

I have to pay to send any accepted work to and from all the shows, so I’m taking that as equal on all accounts. I’m thinking Form Not Function is a yes, sadly Quilt Visions is a no, and Fantastic Fibers is a maybe just because it gives some aprons a chance that they don’t get elsewhere.

If I don’t forget, I think I’ll enter Hale’aina into PAQA-South’s Art Quilt Whimsy show.

Zeitgeist is already accepted into Art Quilt Elements. Two aprons are on view at NIH, and I’m taking a selection of The Army Wife works to a spouses luncheon at Ft Eustis, and it looks like the whole show will go to North Carolina summer of 2015. So, I don’t need to worry about this stuff, just make sure that the right work is available at the right time. Oh, and have some Army Wife cards printed for sales and self-promotion.

Then there’s the work I need to make. I have three pieces, no four, in the works that I can’t share because they could be Quilt National entries. One piece was intended for SAQA’s regional exhibit Tarnish, but is too big, so now I’m working on another Tarnish piece. I’d like to knit a present for a February birthday (or two) so I should get cracking on those. I’ve agreed to do some test work too, which has a deadline and I’ve been invited to make pieces for an Art and Ecology show at McGuffey and a paper show also at McGuffey. I have ideas, but have not actually started. I wish my processes were quicker, and now that I’ve written this all out, it doesn’t seem quite as bad as I had anticipated, but then there’s the rest of life that happens too.

I’ve got some photos to post, but I need to step away from the computer, Hopefully the next post will be more colorful!

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