22 Jul


June/July’s Pincushion Challenge theme is summertime. Immediately, I though “inflatable pool!” So here it is:

Summer pincushion

I probably should have made each ring of the pool itself a different color, but I only had one yarn that was a summery color, and in my mind, this had to be made with my “strickpilz.” I had also planned to make a little yellow rubber duckie out of Fimo, but we found lice on Katja yesterday and EVERYTHING (including this pincushion) that I don’t want to go into the washing machine is being exiled to plastic bags for a few weeks. I snapped this picture before dumping the pincushion in the bag where it will stay until after the Pincushion Challenge deadline has come and gone. Sometimes it sucks to be a fiber artist.

7 thoughts on “Summer

  1. Cute interpretation of the theme. I guess this project goes in the experience category rather than the completed contest entry category. Hope the Katja and house cleansing goes well.

  2. Love the pincushion! What a great idea! So sorry about the lice. In a house full of fiber goodness that must be super stressful.

  3. Great pincushion!! Been there, done that with the lice, for a couple of weeks solid a year or so ago. Ick. No fun, I sympathize greatly!!

  4. oh, lice! had them in class several times this year. we threw everything in our leseecke away, cushions and so on, even some plush animals.

    is freezing the pincushion deadly for the lice?

  5. Ouch! Not fun — you have my sympathies. At least treating lice is possible and no longer requires chopping off hair! Love the pincushion though.

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