06 Jan

New Year

I went back to my New Year’s post of last year to see what I set out for 2013, and then wrote a bit about where each goal stands now.

• On my birthday [December 15th, 2012] I started making a daily self portrait, hoping to engender at least some self reflection, create a bridge between how I see myself in my head and how I look in the mirror, and give me an excuse to practice drawing and other media.
How’d that turn out? I lasted about three months and then got bored. It appears that the annual daily project is not for me.

• At the beginning of the new Mayan cycle (the day after the end of the world in American interpretation) I decided to start my own record of time. Each day, as early as I can get to it, I write what I hope to accomplish. Throughout the day, I list what I actually do.
This one, I actually AM still doing. As expected, it focuses my goals for each day. I don’t log the actual time spent on each task, so there’s no judgement about how much time I spend reading Facebook and how much time knitting — just a record that’s what I did on that day. I plan to keep up with this as I do find it helpful.

• I will definitely continue attending the life drawing sessions. In addition to that, I’m applying to become an Associate member at the Art Center.
Yup, this was a good plan too. I’m still loving the drawing sessions and attend nearly weekly. I was accepted into McGuffey Art Center and have had work in several shows there. The best thing about my relationship with McGuffey is that I was able to have the gallery show I’d been dreaming of in September.

• Three of my The Army Wife aprons are still traveling with SAQA’s Beyond Comfort exhibitThe Other Woman has been included in the textile show Down to Sleep in the spring.
2013 was good for exhibits. Besides Beyond Comfort and Down to Sleep, there was my solo show at McGuffey, and pieces in their summer and holiday shows. Zeitgeist went to quilt shows in New Hampshire and California. Two aprons are currently hanging in a display case at the National Institutes for Health. And Twelve by Twelve traveled some more. I currently have nine pieces in McGuffey’s New Members show and Zeitgeist has been accepted into Art Quilt Elements in PA. I’m looking forward to more exhibit opportunities and projects in 2014. Yay!

• I’ve found (or maybe they found me) a lovely group of local textile artists called Fiber Transformed who I hope to spend more time with in 2013 sharing critiques and mutual support.
I’m still meeting monthly with these lovely ladies and have formed nice friendships.

I’ve also been invited to join 8 That Create, an evolving group of fiber artists who also encourage and support each other and show together. 
This has also been a nice opportunity to network with other artists. Right now it’s pretty low key, and that feels about right for me.

I post about once a month on the Sketchbook Challenge blog as a way to share my enthusiasm for drawing and keeping sketchbooks and to keep me on task actually using them!
Unfortunately, this project didn’t pan out for me. Instead of inspiring me to use my sketchbook more, I realized that it was kind of a chore and distracted me from the fiber art I really wanted to do. No fault of the group, it just wasn’t the path for me. As close as I can come to art journaling or sketchbook keeping is my working sketchbook with mostly written notes, and the weekly life drawing sessions. That seems to be enough, so I’m OK with the decision to drop out of The Sketchbook Challenge.

So, 2013 was a good year. OK, every year is a good year, and it’s nice that 2013 was no different. I’m happy with my decision to take the path towards being a studio artist. It won’t bring me fame or fortune, but it feels right. It probably sounds lame or un-aspirational, but right now, my plan for 2014 is to stay the course. I’ll keep on keeping’ on. Here’s to another year of making art and quilts (often the same thing), keeping on track with lists, and continuing the friendships and connections I’ve already established. )And plenty of social media, knitting, and general slacking too, I’m sure.)