20 Jul

The Next Step

I spat out a bunch of German words in the last post which mean a lot to me, and probably not much to anyone else (except my German friends/readers). Yet another word is Schultüte, which is a big cone which Kindergarteners get at the end of their last year — before they start First Grade. The cone is filled with sweets and school supplies. Kindergarten in Germany is most like a combination of Preschool and Kindergarten in the United States, so kids are there between three and four years. Kindergarten is for play, socialization, gross and fine motor skills, language building, etc, but unlike in the US, it is not for learning to read and write. Therefore, the transition to First Grade is a milestone and a big fuss is always made. Last night, Katja had a big sleepover in Kindergarten with all the other kids who will start “School” in September, and this morning we had a celebration with gifts for the teachers, and most importantly, the Schultüten for the kids! For the grandmothers, here’s Katja and her Schultüte:


I’m moving on too (although not nearly as monumental a move). I’ve got all the instructions and cartoons ready for the Texies Sliced Quilt project. I hope to get these in the mail to all the participants Monday at the latest. Then I need to contemplate how I will do my section — which appears to be draped red fabric.

Sliced Quilt preparation

7 thoughts on “The Next Step

  1. Congratulations to your daughter. Oh, I remember the time when my daughters finished the kindergarten. But the “Schultüte” is here (Cologne) the present for the first day in school. It was a big event. Now both (Charlotte,21, and Frauke,18,) have their “Abitur”. But the last 13 years of school (and the last 21 years of being a mother) were wonderful for me.

    And I’m very excited to see the part you have choosen for me of the slice quilt. I just try to compose my “own” slice quilt. Starting from a painting of picasso I divided the picture in parts and try to finish these in different styles.

    Wish you a wonderful time. Thank again for your interesting blog and anything else.

  2. i can remember my schultüte… it was dark blue & glittering, with a “sarah kay” picture glued to it. can you imagine i still can see the picture right in front of me like it was there?!
    we didn’t get our schultüte before the first day in school, so i didn’t know what to come. after the exiting first days it was turned into a “burgfräulein-hut” for me, with an added old lacey curtain from my grandma on top ^.^
    oh, those days! *sigh*
    i’m eager to see what you’ll make of your draped red “tischtuch” 😉

  3. AAAh.. Schultüte!! 😀
    It´s actually supposed to be for the first day of school but I see more and more Kindergartens that help make them for their “Schulanfänger” so that they feel special even before the big day.. our KG had small ones filled with treats for the kids transitioning (the cooool Schulanfänger! lol) and special T-Shirts and certificates for the graduates of their Würzburger Program which is sort of like Sure Start where they learn letter recognition and first writing skills.
    Very very exciting times for our little girls!!!
    Isa´s real Schultüte for the first day is my secret project but I can tell you small details.. it´s pink.. big.. and sparkly.. lol.. Oh – so yes, I DO have a creative outlet these days after all.. ha ha

    Can´t wait to see your posts about the progress of the Texies Quilt !!!!

  4. what a big cone!
    schultüten are now out in every local store. it’s new to me to make them in kindergarten. sometimes filled with not only sweets but toys and even gameboys.

    some ten months ago I was out in the schoolyard looking for some children “tagged” with a red balloon. first time I saw my new pupils. made a foto of each one with his schultüte. a first hello with “my kids” for the next four years.

    hope to find my own old schultütenfoto. dated 1966. wearing a grey coat and a red kopftuch. and knitted strumpfhosen. awful!

  5. Yes, the Schultüten-Project, just did that ourselves … In the olden days, the mum went to the store and in my case bought a burgundy shiny one to be filled with school supplies and sweets.

    Our kindergarte had the kids make a design for the parents to assemble. It is meant to be first used on the First Day of School, but our kindergarten had us drop them off for the Leaving Party. Obviously, to most parents, making this cone is part of the parenting decathlon, yet another competition to be executed at the highest possible level. We – always a knack for doing it differently – made it with the help of Carola. And it shows and it’s much more personal and much less perfect. Oh, the shock and horror of the other mothers “but, but, but” they sputtered, “it’s no longer a surprise if they help …” Well, given that the kid designs it *and* sees it before the big day, in which way is yours a surprise, ey? Ours is yet another joint project, another set of special memories.

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