26 Nov

Random Stuff I’m Doing

What to blog? What to blog? Life is continuing on here, but there’s nothing particularly exciting going on, and I’m definitely not taking photos worth looking at.

Army Wife Aprons

I did go up to NIH (National Institutes of Health) and install two Army Wife aprons in a display case on the third floor. I encourage anyone in the DC Metro area to go check out the artwork in the main clinical building (#10). Lillian Fitzgerald has really done a lovely job curating a wide variety of work. My aprons are on the third floor right in the center. My next goal is to get a few pieces across the street at Walter Reed Army Hospital. Hopefully next month will begin that process.

I’m still enjoying drawing group each week. It even looks like McGuffey will be showing off the work of all three drawing groups in February. I’m excited.


On the advice of a MAC friend, I also contacted a local lingerie shop about showing my figure drawings there. I would never have considered a store as a potential venue, but the shop has been doing quite well pairing figure drawing and painting with the store ambiance. One never knows what might come of showing work in unexpected venues.

Little Leg Warmers

And, I’ve been knitting. I find it very satisfying. Knitting seems to go so much faster than quilting. For the most part, I’m following other peoples’ directions, so I wonder if, like in my quilting history, I start deviating from the path, it will become more complicated. For now though, it’s great fun to make a sweater for me, a cowl for every member of the family, little leg warmers for my niece, and soft stone poufs for the living room.

I finished the scrappy quilt and made great progress on a new one that I thought had an upcoming deadline, but now doesn’t. I’m percolating something with fabric, stitch and my figure drawings, and I still have my big quilt to quilt. It’s all kind of on hold until Thanksgiving though because I don;t want to stop if I get into a groove.

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  1. You say you don’t have much going on, but I disagree — potential venue for your drawings, aprons on display, scrap quilts sewn …. what does productive look like, if not this?

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