18 Jul

Work in Progress (or is that Flux?)

There’s a lot going on, and yet not much to post about.

Most of our activity of late has centered around end-of-the-school-year events. Katja is making the big leap from Kindergarten to first grade, and so she’s got rites of passage right and left: monthly afternoons with the Kooperationslehrerin (teacher from the elementary school helping prep the kids for the transition), the big Schulanfängerprojekt (this year, a theater production put on by the kids who will start school in the Fall), Singkreis where they get their Malmappen (the kids moving on get folders of all the drawings and crafts they’ve made for the last three years in Kindergarten), and the Übernachtung (a slumber party at Kindergarten for all the kids who will be going to school in the Fall)! Of course, families are an integral part of many of these activities. Then there’s the Sommerfests and Vorführungen associated with the kids’ after school activities (music school shows and club picnics); and Zavi’s class has had several wonderful Ausflüge (field trips). So, we’re making that wonderful, yet hectic transition from Kindergarten to school, and from school-time to vacation-time.

Creatively, I’ve got crêche figures in progress, fabric postcards underway, knitting to keep my hands busy when I’m away from home, and lots of embroidery and art quilt ideas waiting for a suitable pause in the activity. All WIP, but just that — in progress.

Postcard WIP

Adding to the change around here is the inevitable departure of TS&WGH. No worries, he won’t be gone long, nor will he be going anywhere dangerous, but there is still a transition to be made. As a military family, we’ve done this enough times that we know the routine — the busyness of preparation, the subtle drawing away, the waiting for the last minute changes which can be inconsequential or monumental.

Our summer in progress; moving from one state of being into another. I find the transitions the hardest, but once we’ve settled into our new routine I fully expect to come up for air and finish off some of the WIPs.

6 thoughts on “Work in Progress (or is that Flux?)

  1. oh, i can remember when i came out of kindergarten and went to school the first time! it was a great experience… ^-^
    your postcards look beautiful, can’t wait to see them finished (the b&w one is adorable, and your small houses with the “grass” are lovely!).
    hope you will be back to normal soon 🙂

  2. This is good. Wouldn’t it be boring and sad if you had no wip’s waiting for you? It feels as if summer is just getting started for us. Does school start in August there?

  3. Busy does seem to be the word at your home. Enjoy all of the celebration and transitions and your WIPs will be there for you when you are ready!

  4. I must say that I admire you and the amount of creative work you get done on a weekly basis. OK, yes, I am (self-)employed but even when I wasn’t I wasn’t this productive, actually, I am more productive now that I am a “working mum” … I wonder where you get the motivation and energy from! And do you bottle it at the source?

  5. sounds just like my days right now – Kindergarten to 1st Grade transition with the 21st of August dangling over our heads as the first day for Isa – unfortunately my creative outlet is limited to water coloring with the little ones and playing McGyver at work (almost like making a-bombs out of paperclips.. lol).. I´ll undust that sewing machine next weekend though!!!

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