13 Jul

Friday Five, or, what I’m willing to do for my blog friends

It’s amazing what blog friends will inspire me to do. Since my blog friends are so supportive of me and my work, I feel compelled to answer a few requests. At Charlotte’s request, I’m trying out one of Elfen und Kampfzwerg’s “Friday Five.” At Susanne’s request, I’m trying itauf Deutsch!

1. In Prozent, wie hoch ist die Wahrscheinlichkeit, dass in deinem Auto irgendwo eine Pommes herumliegt?

In percentage, what is the probability that there is a french-fry somewhere in your car?

Bestimmt 50%. Das erinnernd mich mein Auto zu aufräumen.

Definitely 50%. That reminds me — I should clean out the car.

2. Wie hoch ist die Wahrscheinlichkeit, dass du in den nächsten vier Tagen ein Eis ißt?

What is the probability that you will eat ice cream in the next four days?

Was für eine frage? Gerstern Aben haben wir Eis gegisst, und es soll am Wochenend mehr als 30°C sein . Wahrscheinlichkeit: SEHR HOCH.
What kind of question is this? We ate ice cream last night, and the prediction for the weekend is hot, hot, hot. Probability: VERY HIGH.

3. Wie hoch ist die Wahrscheinlichkeit, dass du in den nächsten Tagen Post bekommst?

What is the probability that you will receive mail in the nest few days?

Wahrscheinlichkeit null. Der meisten Teile von unsere Post kommt per US Post am Kasserne. Wir wurden nicht am Kasserne gehen in die nächsten paar Tagen. Aber, mein Mann hat sehr gut Post heute zuhause mitgebracht.

Probability zero. Most of our mail comes through the US Postal Service on Base, and we’re not going on Base in the next few days. Oh, but my hubby brought home good mail today.

4. Wie hoch ist die Wahrscheinlichkeit, dass es bei dir innerhalb der nächsten 48 Stunden regnen wird?

What is the probability that it will rain near you in the next 48 hours?

Wir haben genug gehabt. Schluss mit dem Regen (zumindest für eine Woche). Gibt’s wenig Wahrscheinlichkeit.

Stop with the rain. We’ve had enough (at least for a week). Probability low.

5. Wie hoch ist die Wahrscheinlichkeit, dass du am Wochenende etwas nähen ( bzw. handarbeiten) wirst?

What is is the probability that you will sew something this weekend?

Ich will 100% sagen, aber ich weiss besser. Aber, die Wahrscheinlichkeit ist mehr als 50%. Sonntag, Sonntag, Sonntag!

I want to say 100%, but I know better. The probability is more than 50% though. Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

Danke, Charlotte für ein einfaches Friday Five das ich konnte übersetzen. Es tut mir leid zu allem meine Deutschesprachige Leserinen das ich habe eure Sprache verstümmelt. Ausser Susanne, wer hat es eingeladet.

Thank you, Charlotte for a Friday Five that was pretty easy to translate. To all my readers who are native German speakers, I am sorry for any pain I have inflicted on your language. Well, except for Susanne, because she asked for it. 😉

9 thoughts on “Friday Five, or, what I’m willing to do for my blog friends

  1. ha ha ha…. I used to read “Elfen und Kampfzwerg”´s blog before my bookmarks mysteriously disappeared a while back.. lol..
    VERY GOOD german there Kristin, remember, I keep telling you that I think you know ALOT more german than you let us believe.. especially since I heard you talking to your Texies at the last Creativwelt.. grin

  2. yes, i can second that. your german may not be perfect, but it’s definitely VERY good, and i surely wish my english was as good.
    plus i can tell that you can speak german even better. it’s very nice to be able to throw a word in here and there if the right word is missing in my brain. 😉

  3. juchhu! kristin auf deutsch! not perfect, but charming. no pain inflicted. you bear with my pidgin english here in your commentbox, so don’t worry. your german is far better than some of my clientele’s (and they are even born here)

    have a nice hot WE!

  4. Oh, I’m so sorry! Usually we try to make our own FF, but this time, most of the questions where from an English FF site… so you wouldn’t have to translate it back. I should have mentioned that. 😉
    The longer half of E&K

  5. Wunderbar, ganz perfekt. German is not the easiest of languages to write, with the verbs often going at the end of the sentance. I too find it easier to understand when it is spoken, but it is good practice to read as well.

    Best Wishes

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