29 Oct

Still Plugging Away

I’ve been blogging in my head again. After my flag dissection, I meant to blog about the rest of my dad’s and my trip to DC. It was to be an essay in shuttered monuments. That blog post has passed though. The curious can see the photos on my Flickr stream, along with yarns I’ve been collecting and knitting up. There’s some figure drawings there too, because I’m still attending the weekly group at McGuffey.


I’m still working on this too. For the last three days, I’ve written on my to-do list that I’d finish the piecing, but it’s just not going that fast.


I thought today would be the day, but no, I still have 7 more rows to stitch, and then the whole thing to press. Maybe tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Still Plugging Away

  1. Strange… I often blog in my head too these days..
    Anyway, I’ m still reading your blog 🙂
    Looking forward to seeing the other side of your quilt, and your drawings too.

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