25 Sep

Screeching Halt

So, I’m working on a new piece and it requires lots of 2.5″ squares. If anyone remembers making Watercolor Quilts at least a decade ago, the key to keeping all your little squares in order was to fuse them to a gridded backing, then fold between the rows or columns and sew. I’m doing the same, and I thought that it might be a good idea to go the extra step and cut those folds open so that I could press my seams open for less bulk.

Binary Back



Yuck! It looks so sloppy, and it was such a pain to press open without melting the interfacing. I only did four rows and then I decided that it was a bad idea and I’d take tidy bulk over less seam integrity and plain old ugly (even though it would be hidden inside the quilt and no one would ever see it).

Binary circle


On the other side a few circles got caught in the seams. With just a few horizontal seams sewn and the circles appliqu├ęd by hand, it will be easy to take off the offending circles and reposition them. But, the combination of the chopped circles and the sloppy back just ticked me off the night I sewed them and all of a sudden I completely lost momentum on the project. Silly, I know. At least I knew enough to walk away. I slept on it and things looked perfectly surmountable in the morning. I’m taking a short break to make a costume for my daughter (and loving that I can sew together a pretty profi looking skirt and blouse) and I will be back at the little squares soon with renewed enthusiasm.

5 thoughts on “Screeching Halt

  1. I really like this! You are so wise to step away from the machine. I think we have all been there and done that. Have fun with the costume!

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