30 Jun



“Rooted” 2007        10″x12″

I decided to add a little hand quilting, then I took Jeannie’s advice and made it into a “pillowcase” and stuffed my foam core inside. I stitched the open side closed and popped it into the frame. Looks nice and clean.

7 thoughts on ““Rooted”

  1. Again — can I say I am always impressed by your work? I love the hand quilting and the idea of making it into a pillowcase for the foamcore is great! What a fantastic little piece!

  2. love the detail shots, so much going on here. i like the transition into the fringed edge, makes it look like a little tapestry.

  3. Spectacular. Beautiful composition, technique and presentation. I love the scale of the house with the surroundings.

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