28 Jun

What’s up with the Norwegians and Mushrooms?

Speaking of Norwegians, I forgot to post the cute Til Nisse (I hope I remembered that right) that Wenche sent me (along with some Fliegenpilz fabric!) about a month ago.

Little Santa

I traded a Fliegenpilz pincushion and some German chocolates for him (I hope it all arrived safely, Wenche).
Wenche's Fliegenpilz Pincushion

It’s a little warm for Nisse here right now, so he’s hibernating with some other Norwegian gnomes until Advent. Not to worry, he’s in good company, and even has some Christmassy toadstools to rest on.
And speaking of Fliegenpilze, I made some minor modifications to my knitting needle case from Katrin. I removed the top flap and sewed it to the lower portion so I could have wider pockets for my circular needles. Then, since I don’t seem to use the REALLY long needles, I folded over a few inches and stitched that down for a new flap. I went ahead and sewed on a piece of ribbon too — to hold my wonderful stitch markers.

Mushroom Needlecase Inside

Instead of rolling, the case now folds, so I added my Fliegenpilz button to secure it, and voilá:
Mushroom Needlecase Outside

Thank you Katrin for the coordinating knitting accessories. Now I can look like I know what I’m doing when I knit yet another rectangle.

2 thoughts on “What’s up with the Norwegians and Mushrooms?

  1. your modifications are so cool! you’ll knit like a pro in no time, having all the mushroom accessories. what about a mushroom scarf? or a sweater?! XD

    love the fabrics you got from norway, and the cute little nisse! your pincushion is adorable, but i’m not green with envy, because i have my very own pin(k)cushion! thanks! 🙂

  2. That needle case is lovely — those modifications are wonderful! Love the pincushion as well.

    As for knitting — nothing wrong with rectangles. They are a valued part of the knitting experience!

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