30 Jun

Chevron Scarf Redux

I finished Chevron Scarf number two. You’d never know that I used two skeins of differently colored wool for this. It doesn’t have the striping that the scarf is known for, nor the bigger pools of color I was hoping for. However, it matches just about everything I wear, and it’s super soft, so I’m not complaining!

Chevron Scarf #2

Obligatory head wrap photo

5 thoughts on “Chevron Scarf Redux

  1. That turned out really pretty! If you are looking for Christmas or birthday ideas for good ol’ mom, that would be a contender.

  2. bigger pools of color wouldn’t have looked so beautiful 😉
    think i need to give this a try.
    is the pattern very hard to knit?

  3. Wow! That scarf really turned out well. It may not be what you were thinking about originally — but I love the striping that does occur. Nice work :0).

  4. Oh, the second shot is just fabulous. I never knew why I saw that certain styling (which looks kind of odd to me) in many different photos when the scarf was shown… now that I have the book this certainly changed… Your photo is so funny!
    And I think the striping is quite obvious.

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