25 Jun


This one actually started last night. I got into bed, but then had an idea and had to get up and go back to the sewing machine.
“Rooted” 2007 9″x12″

The background is irregular bubbles stitched pretty regularly. I don’t know if it’s the thicker thread (40 weight Valdani hand dyed) or the thicker/looser fabric (a recycled cotton tablecloth, also hand dyed), but it was pretty easy to keep the stitches even and looking good. On top of that I appliquéd a house painting. Then I added a piece of cotton drop cloth and stitched with the fine Masterpieces thread and then the metallic again. This morning I added french knots and decided that the experiment was worth binding and finishing off.

One of the Quilted Chaos ladies has been generous enough to coordinate donating a bunch of little quilts to Ami Simms’ Alzheimer’s Art Quilt Initiative. I figured if she is magnanimous enough to do the coordinating, I could be magnanimous enough to make something. So this will be it.

19 thoughts on “6/25/07

  1. there is no word better than “special”.
    and the french knot flowers make it lovely.
    chapeau to you for donating this one!

  2. Kristin,
    Thank you so much for supporting the Alzheimer’s Art Quilt Initiative’s “Priority: Alzheimer’s Quilts” project with your spectacular quilt. Know that all the money from the sale of your quilt goes to Alzheimer’s research. To date we’ve given almost $80,000 to Alzheimer’s research. I will most likely be taking this quilt to Houston in the fall to sell it there. I hope to bring 1,000 quilts to sell.

    Thank you again for the support you have given with your hands and with your heart.

  3. that’s great. getting up and sewing again, driven by the urge to do some art – fabulous.
    always something new to learn for me here at laflamme’s. now I have to go to leo.org and find the word “magnanimous” 😀

  4. Ok, I’m only going to say I love it. Really. I’m not gonna say anything about I told ya so! I’m just going to say it rocks!

  5. A beautiful application of your needle practicing and a generous gift to Alzheimer research. But, our canvas drop cloths look nothing like yours!

  6. I think all of your practicing combined with the size of the piece is why your stitches are even and good looking. You getting really good at this!!

  7. WOW Kristin that’s really great-inspirational. The french knots are darling. What a lovely piece. So sweet!

  8. Kristin, this is such a simple and gorgeous piece. Everything about it is “right” and the symbolism wraps around my heart.

  9. You must have been up all night. I love that you are truly making art with fabric. Beautiful art. I am inspired.
    Thank you,

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