24 Jun


Thanks for all the skirt love. The birthday party has been postponed due to illness, so we’ll have to wait another week to find out how the girls like the skirts. I guess that means Katja has to wait another week to wear hers. Bummer.

Taking Mirjam’s advice, I decided to embrace the bubble for my needle doodle today (and possibly for the foreseeable future). First, I did a feather and surrounded it with little bubbles, making sure to retrace carefully. The best part about this? I did it in metallic (Superior with a topstitch needle) and the thread didn’t break ONCE!!!!

6/24/07 step one

Then I did bigger beige bubbles with regular thread (Superior Masterpieces, if anyone is interested). The larger bubbles were harder to keep neat and tidy. I also didn’t achieve as much contrast as I had hoped for since there’s still a lot of little bubbles filling in spaces between the big ones, and because the big bubbles are about the same size as the feather bits.

6/24/07 step two

So I used some variegated rayon thread to draw veins in the feather. That looked pretty cool, but I thought I’d try one more thing.

6/24/07 step three

I made more big/little bubbles with the colored thread. It’s as if the feather is effervescing color. Or not. Anyways, it was a fun experiment and now I’ll sleep on it and see what else I can try tomorrow on a new one.

6/24/07 the back

The last picture is the back. That’s a lot more quilting that I’d normally do on a quilt. Certainly it’s more than any functional bed covering needs. This isn’t about functionality though, it’s about figuring out what I can do, and what I like to do.

12 thoughts on “6/24/07

  1. I love your bubbles – practise makes all the difference, and you are inspiring me to make some practise pieces myself! I like the contrast of that middle square of small bubbles surrounded by big ones.

  2. I love the bubbles — and while it might be more than a bed covering needs, it would be a great way to add some additional texture to an art quilt piece. Or, to a more modern quilt — with larger bubbles, it would be a way to add some really nice texture to a quilt that otherwise might be monochromatic or bi-color. Kind of a wholecloth thing — but with a more modern twist.

  3. Thanks for mentioning your thread. Great information for newbies. Practice definitely makes perfect. Your feather veins are incredible!

  4. those bubbles make a great texture! it gives me ideas, ideas, ideas….
    this was my first visit to your blog but i’ll be back for sure!

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