19 Jun

Assorted Work

First, I tried using my very accommodating husband as a stencil last weekend, spraying fiber reactive dye on him and the fabric. The whole process reminded me of why I don’t enjoy creating my own hand dyed fabrics. There’s prep that needs to be done to the fabric, and the dye needs to be mixed, so it’s not a very immediate process. I hate mixing dye because I don’t have a dedicated area, and the powder can get away from you soooo easily, and it is such a pain to try to clean. After spraying the fabric, I think we spent more time cleaning up my husband and the work area than it took to actually dye the fabric. He was vaguely blue for three days. And then, even after batching in the sun, under plastic, all day, the finished color on the fabric wasn’t half as intense as I had hoped. I think that the fabric just wasn’t saturated enough. It was a good experiment, but not one I feel the need to replicate. I like the painted prints much better, but even they have faded and scuffed after washing. I may do them again and not wash afterward. I still have one more thing to try though…

Blue Man

In other news, I finished the apron with a bajillion french knots. This photo is not the best (I’m experimenting with where and when to photograph things, and the sun is just in the wrong position with this combo). Anyway, I think it’s titled Non-entity, but I’m not sure yet. That means something to me, but I don’t think it clarifies anything to a viewer. For me it’s about being recognized only by one’s husband’s rank and social security number, but I’m not sure that comes through. It’s pretty though, so I’m generally happy with the piece.


4 thoughts on “Assorted Work

  1. what a prince! i can’t believe he allowed himself to be smurfed. but it looks like a fun experiment.

    and the apron is quite lovely. i think the title makes great sense with your brief explanation.

  2. yeah… I’m with you on the whole dyeing thing… kudos to Art for letting you do that!
    Love the apron and wanna see more!!
    so… are ya gonna exhibit your aprons in the solo show? can’t wait!!

  3. Yep, kudos to Art for being a smurf.

    And I agree with Natalya — solo apron show, please! This new one is gorgeous and makes me think of the song, “Mr. Cellophane” from Chicago — you know the lyrics:”you can see right through me, walk right by me, and never know my name”.

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