10 Jun

Natural Dye Workshop update

There is so much going on around here! I spent last week at a SAQA regional retreat hosted by my new best friend Mary Beth Bella. We had a ball and I got so much work done. But first, the results of the natural dye workshop:


I let the fabrics sit in their baggies for about 36 hours, then I rinsed them and hung to dry. I think I left them most of the week while I went to Mary Beth’s and washed them about three days later, but now I’ve forgotten. Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised at how much the colors held. The cochineal is pretty pale,but I’m sure that has more to do with the dye pot being exhausted than anything I did.

I almost used the olive stars in my retreat project, but ended up having something else in my stash that worked better. That’s fine, these will get used sooner or later.

One thought on “Natural Dye Workshop update

  1. looking forward to seeing what you do with these…. I’d love to dye some myself, but what I really want is India Flint to come to my house and have a playdate where she shows me how to do everything!

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