30 Nov


Tada! I’m doing a happy dance! I just finished the owl quilt 🙂
We’re calling it Katja’s Owlz — goofy, but so’s the quilt. For anyone new to my blog, it is based on a drawing my daughter made. It is all silk fabrics, some hand dyed (by our favorite, Mrs. Mel), some painted, and some marbled by yours truly. I had a machine quilting breakthrough, and I finished it off with a little pearl cotton hand work. And, following the advice of my classmates at AQT, I decided that, since I like, no love, this quilt, I should enter it in a show. The AQS deadline is a month away, but darn, the quilt doesn’t meet their size requirements. I’ll keep looking.

Katja's Owlz

And, just because everyone loves a blog with pictures, here’s me multi-tasking: Talking on the phone, enlisting the help of my daughter, letting the cat know he’s in the center of my attention, AND working on my next project (while learning the newest upgrades to my favorite program).

6 thoughts on “Owlz

  1. I don’t blame you for loving that quilt, Kristen. And I bet Katja is crazy about it. That touch of blue on the bottom and the tails hanging off make it.

    And you have very good posture!

  2. That quilt is so cool!! I can see why you love it.

    Fun photo of you too. The cat in the middle of it all cracks me up. What is the “favorite program” you’re using?

  3. FYI, my favorite program is Adobe Illustrator. I started using it in my former life as a graphic designer, and I have found it’s great for quilting too!

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