10 May


I admit it — I am prone to procrastination. Right now I have no hard and fast deadlines, but I still have plenty I could and should be doing. Am I using my time wisely and working towards my goals though? No. ┬áHere’s a run-down of the main things I am thinking about right now:

  • Zeitgeist: it’s at the long arm quilter, hopefully getting all prettied up. There’s nothing I can do right now, but when she’s done with it I think I need to pull something like an all-nighter to bind it, photograph it, and burn a disc with all pertinent info to then overnight to IQF for the World of Beauty May 30th deadline. I can do this.
  • The Marriage Equality Quilt: It’s done! I hope to photograph it today and I’ve been plugging away at a website for it. I hate the technical code monkey part of projects like this so I naturally procrastinate. My awesome cousin-in-law (is that a real title?) is excited to be my first quilt family and has an event in August she’d like to take it to, so I think that’s on cruise control in the background for a month or two. Of course, not needing to have the website done for another month gives me opportunity to drag my heels which I shouldn’t do, but probably will since, as I said above, I am prone to procrastination. Must fight natural impulses.
  • The Army Wife: I still don’t know if this will be the year I get a turn in the McGuffey gallery or not. I could put together a show at the last minute just fine, but I do have at least three things I would like to finish/create if I have the time. If I use my time wisely (like work on these projects instead of frittering away time on Facebook or knitting) I could totally do it. The big ones: embroider a bajillion french knots on the Non-entity apron, finish embroidering the Service Star quilt and mount it on stretcher bars and then paint it, and create a “Suck it Up and Drive On” medallion quilt.

Meanwhile, when I have five minutes, instead of embroidering, I find myself knitting a few rounds on a sweater I’ve started. I thought knitting a sweater would be one of those forever projects, but I made a sleeve in just over a week so now I’m all excited that I could realistically have this done by next winter. Squirrel!

2 thoughts on “Procrastination

  1. Oy! I completely understand! I just forced myself to finish one piece that has been “this” close for so long…. and now I will procrastinate deciding what to do next until I’ll find myself rushing towards a self-imposed deadline once again…

  2. ha! yeah, procrastination is my middle name. it’s actually a protective trait we should embrace rather than fight, as long as it isn’t destructive.

    but with topical art pieces, speed is important to remain in the temporal zeitgeist. our attention fizzles and context gets lost. but it sounds like you’re on top of things with those two projects.

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