12 Apr

Catching Up

Sorta. The last self portrait I did was number 365:104, but I skipped days 100 to 103, and then I’ve done nothing since and it’s been about two weeks.

My excuse is that I’ve been working on quilts, but really, I just spend too much time farting around and not focusing.

About the same time I decided to do the portraits, I also decided to see what I did with my time. That has turned out to be something I’ve kept up with.

I’m not marking how much time I spend doing each thing, but I do write what I do each day — including most of the mundane little things. I’ve found that taking a little time each morning to set out my goals does help the focus a bit, and keeps my to-do list realistic. I’m also really liking having one place to keep that list, rather than having separate papers all over the house.

Zeitgeist is at a bit of a standstill right now, but not for long! As I made it, I was pretty sure it would be most appropriate to have a long arm quilter quilt it. The person who came to mind was booked solid though, so I kinda resolved to quilt it myself on my home domestic machine. Friends came to the rescue with recommendations and I asked at the local quilt shop while browsing potential quilting threads, and, lucky me, a lady nearby will be able to fit me and my kitty into her schedule (I think the photo I sent convinced her that she couldn’t pass on this one — it’s probably the most fun quilt she’ll do ever!). I am relieved that I won’t have to cram that grumpy cat into my sewing machine, and I’m excited that I will probably be able to enter it into IQF Houston’s World of Beauty show. I know I’ve said that my work doesn’t fit into traditional “pole and drape” shows, but Zeitgeist isn’t my normal work, and I like the idea of it being seen by a large crowd. If it doesn’t get in, I’ll still have plenty of time to try the art quilt route with Art Quilt Elements too.

I’ve applied for several show dates at the MacGuffey art center for my Army Wife series. Now I just have to be patient and wait for the committee to sort out who will be showing and in what gallery in the next 12 months.

Which brings me to my other work in progress. With marriage equality in the news lately, one can’t escape the pink and red logo, which to me, looks like a quilt block! I whipped up a few blocks, liked them, and decided to make a marriage equality wedding quilt. As I work on this, I’ve been thinking of options for it.

Option 1: Take the finished quilt to my husband’s side of the family reunion this summer and have all the relatives sign it, then give it to his cousin and her wife as an anniversary present. Easy-peasy and a very nice gesture for two wonderful ladies, but kinda small thinking.

Option 2: Find photographers (because I’m no portraitist on canvas or film) who will photograph committed same sex couples across the country, with the quilt. Create a questionnaire to for them to fill in and present the photographic portraits, along with the stories (names, type of union, how long, is the union legally recognized, and what does marriage mean to you) on a dedicated blog. I like the larger statement of this, and I think working with a variety of photographers would be more practical and professional than trying to travel and take the photos myself. I’m just not sure I know enough of the right people, or have the resources to do this. I suspect some grant writing could and should be involved too. Thinking too big now?

Option 3: is really an extension of Option 2. A friend asked if she could make blocks too and what were the specs. I hadn’t considered making it a group project, but it does lend itself to such a thing. My fear is that I would end up not just with enough blocks to make the one queen sized quilt I envision, but enough for ten quilts! I’m not ready to finish ten quilts — and then what? But… I could finish my quilt and publish instructions so that other individuals and groups could make their own. They could send photos of the quilts with their recipients and stories to the dedicated blog. I’m not sure of the likelihood of pairing other quilt makers with professional photographers, but if I took it down a notch and the photos were snapshots from those involved, it could still be interesting, and potentially cover a lot more ground than I could alone.

Hmmmm, lots to ponder as I sew.

7 thoughts on “Catching Up

  1. I like option 3. You could suggest the use of professional photographers, but even that could be on different levels. Couldn’t Sears do a good job using the quilt as part of their own back drop? Then you could “jury” the blog so it stays consistent with what you envision. Would there be specs for different bed sizes — including a crib?

    • I’m not sure I’d go as far as jurying photos, since this is all about equality, but different sized quilts is a great idea. I can definitely imagine a photo couple with their child(ren) wrapped in a small quilt. I see the portraits being on sofas, in beds, picnicking, etc. Lots of options. 🙂

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  3. I really like option 2 but not necessarily with formal portraiture – phone photography uploaded to some kind of social networking site could be very effective.

    By the way, I designed a quilt a few years ago that happens to have the same motif as the gay marriage equality logo. I posted some photos on my blog today.

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