04 Apr


Take this:

Plus this:

And you get this:

Internet memes are the soapbox for social commentary of the digital age. The Grumpy Cat meme has skyrocketed to internet stardom not least, I think, because she reflects current American cynicism over our economy, stagnating politics, and widening religious divides. Adding to the general gloom, there is an underlying craziness driving people to ever more polarizing views. “Zeitgeist” both mirrors and mocks this schizophrenic trend. In addition to appropriating the image of Grumpy Cat, the echoing lines of the quilt reference the work of Louis Wain, an early twentieth century illustrator known not only for his drawings of cats, but also for the increasing abstraction of them as he presumably battled mental illness — which makes a fitting backdrop to the pessimistic subject matter couched in the irony of a comforting quilt form.


So, this is what I’ve been working on for the past few weeks. I think the piecing is pretty much done, and now it’s ready for quilting and binding.

10 thoughts on “Zeitgeist

  1. Aawww! Love your painting with fabric works — this one makes me think of “Bob’s Dog,” although that one was not a meme.

  2. I *love* what you’ve done here! That is a stunning image, and I greatly admire the photographic effect of the various fabric cutouts that create it! I also enjoy seeing the influence pictures.

  3. For whatever reason, that cat annoys me, but you have the zeitgeist spot on in your quilt. Love it.

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