24 Mar

Self Portrait Sunday (or what I’ve been working on this week)

I injured my elbow a couple of weeks ago. I suspect it may have had something to do with marathon knitting sessions with a cat sitting on my left arm while I was trying to knit my Butterfly Forest Shawl for the third time. I backed off on the knitting, the embroidery, and the gym. It became the perfect time to do some simple piecing with a fabric jelly roll I bought probably a year ago and planned to make into a charity quilt or something. So that’s Monday, Self Portrait 365:93.


I continued to work on the quilt on Tuesday, 365:094.


But at the end of the day, after a conversation with my man, I posted this on Facebook: “I just had an idea not in any way related to my recent art, nor any current needs, but is so crazy I’m pretty sure I need to drop everything and do it.” And so followed the rest of the week.

365:095. One of several sketches. The others were on the computer, working through my inspirations. This one kinda sums it up.

365:096. At least one Facebook friend suggested I sleep on my crazy idea and see if it still seemed plausible in the morning. It did, so in I dove, choosing fabrics and auditioning them on a make-shift design wall.

At this point, I knew I wasn’t going to be drawing portraits this week. I’ve been fully immersed in this new quilt. Here’s the trail of fabric on the floor as I worked things out. 365:097.

365:098. Glue-Baste-It and pins — some of my favorite tools.

…and piecing traditional half square triangles. It’s amazing how quick they go in comparison to yards of embroidery or a bajillion machine embroidered stars! 365:099

I’m being a bit coy about this new quilt because i’m not yet sure of it’s proper context. It has nothing to do with my usual houses and roots or Army Wife series. I actually think it would blow some minds at Quilt National, but I can’t keep it under wraps until 2015. This is au currant. I think I’ll show it when the top is done and maybe a plugged in reader or two will know of the perfect venue for it.

8 thoughts on “Self Portrait Sunday (or what I’ve been working on this week)

  1. Looks pretty exciting to me!
    Missed you in Drawing Group Thursday, was it the elbow? Hope you are better soon!

    • Yes, it was the elbow. Well, that and wanting to work on this quilt. I’ll be back this week though — I can’t stay away too long.

  2. I love your inspiration. If I would only have something similar … 🙂
    Go ahead and let us participate!

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