18 Mar

Stars and Stripes

I keep meaning to post about work I’ve actually finished but then I get distracted and forget.


Right now this is entitled “Patriots,” though I’m not certain that will stick. It is layered sheers and machine embroidered stars. To me, it says something about connections and associations within the military community, but after making several variations, I’ve decided that I just want it to “be,” and not try to be too literal or leading. Overall I’d like to be less specific in my art. There will probably always be a narrative, but I don’t want it to be so obvious that there’s no room for the viewer to discover their own story within it.


Welcome Home is not quite finished. It is an apron, but also patriotic bunting. It’s made from used clothing. Eventually it will be hung on a section of chain link fence like the banners families and units hang up when their troops return home from deployment. It’s flirty and festive, and a little bit trashy, as anyone who has attended a Welcome Home ceremony knows.



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